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Adding Value To Your Home

increasing property value5 Options for Adding Value to your House

Home improvements can transform a property and ultimately add more value. You could invest thousands creating a brand new kitchen, bathroom or conservatory, but which would give your home’s value the greatest raise?

Are you going to add value?

Prior to deciding to splash out on an extension or conservatory you ought to calculate the expense and then determine how much value they’re going to really add to the property as well as whether the time and effort would be worthwhile.

Just how much might home improvements cost and what value would they create?

An extension

Extensions can vary greatly, from two-storey ones that nearly double a house in proportions through to the addition of an extra downstairs room.

Since they are so different it’s hard to include a figure regarding how much they cost or how much value they will likely add.

A well built extension that adds good-sized additional rooms in a fashion that is complementary to your property or changes its character coherently can be quite a big selling feature – and also one you may enjoy for quite some time being an owner.

loftheightA loft conversion

Incorporating an added bedroom will add around 10 percent towards the valuation on your house, especially if it’s a loft conversion.

It is essential to not cut into living area to do it, but if you can find room to expand to your loft you will get a good return – as well as some all-important extra room.

Primarily based on the size plus the area of your home, you should expect to fork out £15,000 to get a small loft conversion or £25,000 to £40,000 for a large one. There’s a great article on www.homebuilding.co.uk which goes into further detail.

You’ll need to inform your home insurer of your changes.

Extra bathroom

A supplementary bathroom might be a nice selling feature for a property aided by the requirement for en-suites fuelling this trend.

An additional bathroom might add up to 6 per cent to your value of your home.

Depdning on the kind of tiles, fittings and fixtures you would like, a whole new bathroom could cost from £2,500 to more than £6,000.

New kitchen

A kitchen is often the center point of a home and can mirror the owner’s individuality.

It might also be the first thing a purchaser looks to change, so if you can offer an appealing space, purchasers might be in a position to pay more in order to save themselves the headache of getting a new kitchen.

The massive difference in recent years has become the trend for open plan kitchen, dining and living rooms
A new kitchen with www.wrenkitchens.com will cost you on average £8,000, but will add approximately 6 per cent to the valuation of your home.


A conservatory offers additional room in your house, but means giving up some garden space.
If it is under a particular size, you will not need to have planning permission and can do it under permitted development

A conservatory can be a good way of providing added living space on the cheap or getting some open plan living, although bear in mind you might need to abide by rules on doors closing off areas.
Your conservatory may enhance property value by 5 per cent, but count on paying somewhere between £4,000 and £10,000.

Every such home improvement, or possibly 2 or 3 home improvements in tandem represents an excellent method of delivering extra living space and value without going to the significant trouble of acquiring a larger property and the pain of leaving the community you currently enjoy living in.

If your looking at ways to increase the value of your home you may find the video below handy: