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This blog was started to record the building of the Paper Cuts House and to provide a place to record how we went about things, issues and problems plus anything else we felt should be captured either as a record for ourselves or as a means of informing others either renovating their own properties or embarking on any kind of conversion or extension type project.

We call it a self-build and I suppose it was in a way. We employed Builders to build a watertight shell and then I took over and completed the work thorough employing the trades directly. My builders, who designed the house and structural engineer were all very supportive throughout this stage. We were also lucky to find tradesmen who were helpful and gave me advice on how to go about things. We couldn’t have build the shell without the builders and especially Dave Barnes who ran the build for them as it was a very technical build and, at times, even a challenge to them.

Please let me know if there is anything you would like to hear about regarding our build?


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