Month: March 2017

Replacing the Garage Roof – Should I Opt for a Fibreglass Roof?

Choosing a new roof is usually a major expense and something you need to research thoroughly to discover the best choice for you and your home. Whether it is a garage, conservatory or flat roof extension, you need to be confident that your decision provides you with satisfaction for many years. In this instance, the dilemma we faced was whether or not a low maintenance fibreglass roof represented the optimal solution for our garage in this project. Fortunately enough our designated roofer gave some solid advice:

So why opt for a fibreglass GRP flat roof over a felt, rubber or other membrane roof?

Most people imagine fibreglass roofs as a new idea, or untried technology however, you may well be surprised to learn that fibreglass is actually a proven roofing material that’s already been used in the UK construction industry for over half a century. The standard of your roof has a massive effect on your property, it inhibits costly damage from water to both the structure as well as to your property. It doesn’t matter how much attention you pay compared to the rest of your house and property, when you have a poor quality roof, all of your efforts might be squandered. This is the reason you must think about the different roofing possibilities that are available. There are several roof styles and materials available however the benefits associated with GRP flat roofing will certainly offer you precisely what you would need. The main advantages associated with fibreglass are the following:

Functionality and Versatility

Fibreglass might be moulded to any area, around roof lights, light wells along with various other obstacles and so tricky areas are not a concern – this was perfect for our project as we had security lights to consider. They are often made non-slip if the area shall be stepped onto. Whilst functionality is vital when it comes to finding the right roofing material, you should have a home that you will be pleased with and that produces the very best first impression. GRP roofs are finished with pre-formed GRP edge trims plus a topcoat that’s available in a selection of colours to combine with your current structure, you aren’t limited by one product or style. This type of roofing can also be utilized in conjunction with roof windows or used alongside balconies and walkways. No matter what type of property you’ve got or what appearance you wish to accomplish, this kind of roof will have the answer, and importantly the style was in keeping with the rest of our home.

Ease of installation

Fiberglass roofing is probably the simplest roofing material to use. You can easily cut or saw through it. If you want to drill or nail through the material, you can do this without damage to the fiberglass. It truly is among the lightest roofing materials. Therefore, this diminishes the demand for labour to carry the fiberglass sheets, which enabled us to use that manpower elsewhere. It may help to keep your installation costs low, again, an important consideration for a project such as ours. The material is furthermore malleable and bends effortlessly to fit in the roofing frames, which is great because the roofing structure was already sound. The simplicity of installation leads towards a quicker completion.


Along with its reasonable price, fibreglass is amongst the most durable roofing materials out there. It’s protected from rot and damage from insects. Fiberglass holds up well against the elements. Long term sun exposure won’t alter the colour. Additionally, it bears contact with moisture perfectly, which it needs to as a flat roof – we felt that our garage would sytlistically benefit from having a flat roof as opposed to a peaked roof. Therefore it’s ideal in various climatic zones, including our own harsh winters. Fiberglass contains a higher potential to deal with fire compared to wood and vinyl. Additionally, it features significant tensile strength which in turn contributes towards a strong roof. The corrugated pattern further adds to the resilience of the roofing. Therefore it’s one of the more robust roofing materials on the market. Some manufacturers even supply a lifetime guarantee, such as our contractor.

Cost Effective

Fibreglass is among the cheaper options for roofing materials. Nonetheless it performs well as a roof plus will keep the house thoroughly protected. It can make a great choice if you’re within a strict budget such as ourselves yet still want top quality and durable roofing material. The cheaper price enables you to finish your development projects faster without having to be limited by cash, and while we didn’t compromise on quality in any area of our project, time is money so to speak and therefore this option represented by far the best value for money.

Excellent Drainage

Fibreglass roof panels also provide superb drainage – they funnel rainwater and snow from your roof with high efficiency. This removes accumulation of water on your roof. You are not going to experience issues with leakage should you install a corrugated fiberglass roof. This helps to defend your house and helps keep you safe.

Overall we were happy with our choice of installing a fibreglass roof as opposed to a felt roof or a standard peaked roof construction as we felt the roofing structure was solid enough to support it, it has incredibly low maintenance costs and we are covered by a lifetime guarantee which significantly cuts costs in the future. Take a look here for more information here: